Shoemaker Collision and Paint Center, LLC can work with your insurance company.


  • Will work with all Insurance companies

  • Insurance estimates Welcome

  • Help with your claim process

  • Insurance References: John Booth Agency 913-782-4418 and Emily Rucker at 913-744-2218

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With Jennifer's licensed and professional experience in the Insurance field for the past 17 years, she and Joe are both very knowledgeable in helping you naviagte through the claim process - no matter what insurance company you are with.

QUESTION: I want to take my car to Shoemaker Collision & Paint Center LLC, but the insurance company said they won’t warranty any work not done at one of THEIR “preferred” shops. They are paying, so I feel like I have to do what they say. What do I do?


ANSWER: The fact is, the insurance company doesn’t warranty any of the work anyway. Each shop is responsible for the warranty of its work. Don’t let that scare tactic keep you from using the shop of YOUR choice. Shoemaker Collision & Paint Center warranties all our work for as long as you own your car.