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  • If the insurance company is paying, do I have to choose one of their "preferred" shops?"
    Don't let any insurance company scare tactics keep you from using the body shop of your choice. The fact is, insurance companies don't actually warranty the work provided in these kinds of repairs; that's handled through the shop. Shoemaker Collision and Paint Center provides a lifetime warranty on all our work for as long as you own the car.
  • How much does collision repair cost
    We really wish there was a simple answer to this question, but it truly does vary considerably from one situation to the next. Fortunately, you can call us anytime to discuss your vehicle's needs, and we always provide a FREE estimate before we begin any work.
  • Can you repair RV's or other oversized vehicles?
    Yes, we can! Our Spring Hill collision and paint center can handle vehicles of almost any size, including semi-trucks, buses, and RVs.
  • Do I need an appointment, or do you accept walk-ins?"
    We absolutely accept walk-ins throughout the week, though you're welcome to make an appointment to better accommodate your schedule. We can also do evening and weekend repair and paint jobs by appointment.
  • Do you work with a towing company?
    We work with Allied Towing in Olathe and Overland Park, and if you have your vehicle towed to our facility, it can be billed to our account. You can contact them at (913) 768-0500 for 24-hour light- and medium-duty towing services.
  • What kind of insurance claims do you accept?
    We accept all insurance claims and, what's more, we'll be happy to work with you to help you file a claim with your insurance.
  • Will you process my insurance claim for me?
    While we can't actually process the insurance claim for you, we can definitely help you through the process. Jennifer Shoemaker is our resident insurance expert and has maintained her license since 2000. She'll be happy to walk you through setting up a claim.
  • Can I get an estimate over the phone?
    Of course! Estimates over the phone are not necessarily very accurate, since we can't see the damage in question, but they are a starting point. And we always offer a FREE in-person estimate when you bring your vehicle in.
  • Should I get more than one service estimate?
    Only if you need it for your own peace of mind. At Shoemaker Collision Repair and Paint Center, we strive to be fair, whether the customer is paying the bill or going through insurance. In either event, we'll work with you and your insurance provider to ensure that your vehicle is repaired properly at a fair price.
  • If my vehicle's frame is damaged, is it a total loss?"
    Not necessarily. A "total loss" means the cost of the repairs would exceed the vehicle's value. Sometimes frame damage may make this the case, but it depends entirely on the vehicle.
  • Will the parts be ordered before I drop off my vehicle for repair?
    If you schedule your auto collision repair or other job in advance, we will order the parts ahead of time so that we can have your vehicle back to you as quickly as possible. We'll always communicate with you to let you know when you can expect the job to be done.
  • Can I get other service work done on my vehicle while it's in the body shop?
    Absolutely! At Shoemaker Collision Repair and Paint Center, we can do everything from changing the oil to tinting the windows as part of a repair job. In fact, this is often the best time to have that kind of work done. Just let us know what you have in mind!
  • Do I need to contact the insurance company before authorizing repairs?
    If you will be filing an insurance claim for the repairs, then we will need to work with your insurance company before we begin the job. However, Jennifer Shoemaker, our resident insurance expert, can help you through that whole process.
  • Can I get a ride home after I drop off my vehicle?
    Of course! In some circumstances, we can even provide free loaner vehicles while your work is performed. Just let us know what you need, preferably in advance, and we will do everything we can to help.
  • How long will it take to repair my vehicle or truck?
    The amount of time varies depending on insurance approval, the amount of damage, and what parts are in stock. That said, we'll always try to have your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible!
  • Do you offer a warranty on the repairs to my vehicle?
    Absolutely! In fact, we warranty all of our work for as long as you own your vehicle. Click here to view our warranty statement. Warranty Document
  • What kind of vehicles do you repair?
    We offer advanced collision repair, paint, and other custom services for all makes and models of car as well as other vehicles. It doesn’t matter if it’s as big as a motor home or semi-truck or as small as a motorcycle; if it can drive down the road, we can make it look like new!
  • How do you match auto paint?
    We make all our paint in-house and use vehicle paint codes and Spies Hecker color-matching technology to ensure that our paints are exactly the color they need to be.
  • How soon after a paint job can I wash or wax my vehicle?
    We recommend that you wait 90 days after a job before you wash or wax your vehicle. It'll leave our shop looking like new thanks to the extensive detailing and hand wash/dry service we perform before you pick it up.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We can accept all forms of payment, including all major credit cards, but we do charge a 3.5% convenience fee for credit cards.
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